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Europa Universalis: The Price of Power DD#18

Achtung! This is a copy of the Kickstarter Update #28. Click here to read it from the source.

Before anything else! we are going to the “Internationale Spieltage” Spiel ’21 in Essen to showcase the game! Booth is 5D118 (Hall 5) we are sharing it with PSC Games.

You are all welcome to try and touch the Pre-Production Copy, come with your friends, and t̶r̶i̶c̶k̶  treat them into having a round of the game.

This is the complete floor plan in PDF and we are in Hall 5 Booth 5D118.

“Please continue with the rest of the development now” I hear you say.

War(fare) and Peace (Resolution) by Eivind “Tolstoj”

“War, war never changes… in the year 1444…” No, wait, wrong game.

One of the biggest chunks, if not the biggest has been cleared out the way, Warfare and Peace Resolution, this section of the rules also includes Governing your Realm, Trade, and Diplomatic Relations, including how your Player Mat works and what key concepts come attached to certain mechanics as well how you interact with your fellow players and NPR (Non-Player Realms). Many of the concepts are refined from early versions of the rules to cover all situations, some are completely new.

You can check the full PDF here from pages 20 to 37.

We are also creating a set of flowcharts for those parts of the rules that are potentially “hard to get into”, to make it easier to familiarize yourselves with the processes that get repeated more often.

The First one is Battles. You might enjoy all the sandbox possibilities the game gives you, but your family or friends? Not always the case. “Who won this battle?”, “Me, can’t you see?”, “No, where’s that in the rules? Ugh, too much to read?” AH-HA! FLOWCHART!

And I present you the definitive flowchart that will make all rules look so simple from now on. If you follow this step by step, in less than it takes for a hummingbird to feed on a single flower, you will have the definitive answer to the, sometimes daunting to newcomers, process of Peace Resolution.

We are already close to finishing the rest of the rulebook, but we wanted to show you some development before Essen Spiel.

Back of the Box

Believe it or not, there is more to game publishing than designing game mechanics. Graphic design, business relations, administration, to mention a few. This is the back of the box of the Deluxe Edition and probably the last iteration of it. Because we struggle as well to make these the most beautiful possible.

To see it whole here.


Where to pre-order in these trying times?

We’ve compiled a list of retailers that carry the game either Deluxe, Standard, or both, some come with add-ons, some come by themselves. If any of these say that they don’t have any more pre-order stock, tell them to contact me, importing laws are different between businesses.






Hong Kong



The Netherlands



Also an Updateable post in BGG (if you find any other, let me know)

La traducción

MasQueOca va hacia delante con la traducción, podéis leerlo todo aquí donde también podéis preguntarles y comentarles lo que necesitéis.