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Europa Universalis: The Price of Power #DD25&26

Mass Production has started

We have approved the Digital Proofs and green-lighted the start of mass production and we have sent them all to print, and in this post, you will find the Final Files. You can still comment, but comments and suggestions are done and closed.

I will notify you of the news we get throughout the process.

Keep yourself updated!
This is a copy of the Kickstarter Update #35 & 36, if you want to read directly from the source: &

First and foremost, if you would like day-to-day updates about development. The place to go is Aegir Games Facebook Page and Aegir Games’ Discord Server where there are daily discussions and playtesting of the game. There is also a collection of Kickstarter Updates with in-depth information about the game development over the past year.

The Production Timeline

This is the timeline that Panda Game Manufacturing has given us. The digital proofs are approved, and mass production has commenced. 

“MPCs ready…” are the first few Mass Production Copies put together by the manufacturer, for inspection by the publisher. I am going to make so many pictures of that to show you.

“CNW Holidays” should not interfere with our timeline, since the goods will already be at sea by then.

The games should be assembled and ready by August/September and travel on a ship during September/October (that’s the shipping part of the timeline), before arriving in Europe and the US around mid-October. This means that pledges should be heading your way by the end of November, hopefully (in the best-case scenario, fulfillment will take around 2–3 weeks).

We’ll keep you updated along the way, with pictures and any relevant information.

The Files

These are all the final (Ultimate Final Final) files, they are sent and should start the printing process soon. Please enjoy them as they are, suggestions and corrections are done and closed.

The pictures are from the old PPC copy and the Rulebooks we printed some weeks ago, but I wanted to make something quick and different from the usual file screenshot. Click on them to go to the chosen PDF

Main Rules

Solo Rules 

Scenarios I

Scenarios II

Events and Setup Cards 

Action Cards and Trade Cards

Minicards (Ideas, Missions, Milestones, Power Struggles, Bot Cards)

Player Aid 

Realm Player Aid

Peace Resolution & Battle Flowcharts (Player Aid C)

Punchboards C+D+E (Cardboard tokens for all editions)

Punchboards A1+A2+B (Cardboard tokens for the Standard Edition and the 5-6p Expansion)

Deluxe Edition Box Front & Back

Standard Edition Box Front & Back

Expansion 5-6 players for the Standard Edition, Front & Back

What’s Next?

There is a fulfillment chunk of data to clean and process, and logistics need to be fully solved. But for starters, we are going to celebrate sending it to print with a drink (happy coincidence!) and the new game(s) we got (new as we haven’t played them ever or in a long time).

The Extended Gameplay Example, both PDF and a possible scripted video.

We are also going to PDXCON2022 and Essen Spiel 22, and we will go at least to show the MPC there,  the planning of both (and maybe some others) during this time.

What project could come next based on these games that you see here? An awesome one.

Changing Address

Again, if you want to change your address on your order because you might be moving between the aforementioned days, do it before (EXTENDED DATE) June 20th, 2022, after that, we are not responsible for you moving away somewhere else, and you could be charged extra shipping if we need to re-send the parcel. All orders’ data are going to be given to the fulfillment company, after that date, we have little control over specific changes after that.

An alternative to solve uncertainty is to send it to family members or friends that you know are not moving any time soon. 

For Kickstarter backers: You should have an account on with the same email you used here on Kickstarter and you should have access to change the address there.

The path is: “My Backed Projects” – Europa Universalis: The Price of Power –  ChangeAddress or a drop menu with (…) three dots in which you find it.

For pre-orders: Send me an email with your new address. I have to do it manually; then I will send a confirmation back once I have done it.

If you still get in trouble, send me (Víctor) an email at and I will have a look at it.

That’s that for now, see you soon!


Conquest & Councils

Víctor & Eivind at Aegir Games