Crazy Neighbors 3D render

Crazy Neighbors

Have you ever thought that if it weren’t for that intolerable neighbor this would have been the perfect place to live? Now is your chance to shape the neighborhood in your image! Unfortunately the other players have the same ambition. Will you be able to outmanoeuvre your neighboring rivals and create your own dream neighborhood?

In this game you can use any means necessary to get the better of your neighbor. Go ahead and cut down their trees, but expect them to block your sewer in return.

Crazy Neighbors is a humorous game, soon coming to Kickstarter, where the players assume the roles of residents in a suburban neighborhood populated by a cast of crazy stereotypes who don’t get along very well.


Join one of the four exaggerated demographic groups; the Hippies, the Rednecks, the Culture Snobs or the Moneybags. The people belonging to the different groups obviously cannot stand each other. Thus the goal of the game is to make sure that your preferred type of people move in to your neighborhood. And at the same time, ensuring that the properties surrounding your opponents are populated by people they can’t get along with. Meanwhile you can also upgrade your own property and bring all kinds of misfortune to your opponents.

Top down view of board and components

The game employs familiar mechanics such as take that, hand management and card drafting. The rules are easy to learn and the game turns are quick.

Crazy Neighbors plays around with stereotypes in a tongue-in-cheek manner. For the duration of the game, each player will identify with their own demographic and try to be as outrageously mean as possible to their opponents.


  • 54 Neighbor Cards
  • 54 Action Cards
  • Double sided Game Board
  • 16 large Upgrade Tiles
  • 14 large Vermin and Garbage Tiles
  • 3 Movable Menace Standees
  • 27 +1/-1 Tokens

The large cast of neighbors are represented by cards with individual abilities and descriptions. All components are richly decorated with the hilarious illustrations of Erik Ødegaard.

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