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Europa Universalis: The Price of Power DD#15: Production has started

The latest test prints of the Deluxe box bottom and Base Game box top.

Good morning everyone!

… we were like “ah, we could wait two days until the Events are ready, ah, but now that we are releasing an update, we should include the Trade Cards too, that’ll take us another two days tops (HA!). Wait, Eivind, should we wait until Panda has sent us the latest test prints?…”. Then Eivind and his family got quarantined, twice (“To kindergarten, or not to kindergarten, that is the question!”). So here we are.

Production has started 

The components that take the longest to manufacture are well into the process.

This means that a staggering amount of Wooden components for the Deluxe (Town disks, Military Units, Ship Units, Merchants and Cubes) and Base Game (Merchants and Cubes) are being cut and painted as you are reading this.

All the Plastic components (Miniatures, Dice, and Trays) are currently being cast in top-quality molds. We will get some pictures for you as soon as we can.

Cardboard components (Map Boards, Player Mats, and Punchboards) are next in line, and the final versions are currently being proofread.

The latest sample of the Double-layered Player Mats (Deluxe Ed.), with rounded corners

Cards (Events, Action Cards, Trade Cards, Setup Cards, Missions, Milestones, Power Struggles, and Ideas) are now being proofread, both internally and by the community. You can leave us comments too! (Check the section below). We will go through your comments as quickly as we can before these files go to press.

Booklets (Rulebook, Scenario booklets, Solo Rulebook) have all new imagery and examples. The final round of revisions is still ongoing, so this will be the last thing to leave our hands.

Have we been able to stick to the tentative timeline? Obviously not, since everything has not been sent off yet. But it is moving forward, and there are not many things remaining on our to-do list now.

Here you can see a neat exploded view of the Deluxe box contents (minus booklets).

Try it NOW!

You can try all the finalized components we are talking about right now in TTS, in the various official Scenarios, which we update regularly. You can find all available Scenarios, and support for them, in our Discord Server.

Helps us proofread Events, Action Cards, and Trade Cards

The Events and Action Cards are tested and done. Now they have gone through the layout process that gives them the final print-ready look. This is the point where we could use some new pairs of eyes, to check for missing details or inconsistencies throughout the text. Just click on the images to go to the documents and comment on the cards.

We already received so much useful community feedback on the files published over the past few weeks, and are forever grateful for this! It has helped us pick up and fix a lot of little issues which we might otherwise have missed. The time invested into this (by everyone involved) has really improved the overall quality.

Notes: It is better if you place your comment on the image, rather than on the text, so everyone can still read the cards. If you plan to edit your comments, you would want to create an account there.

 Action & Trade Cards:

 Events & Setup Cards:

Here I Stand Once More

Patrick Johnston-Hart, always so great, is making a Here I Stand Once More video series. This is the scenario he made, which won the Scenario Competition, that is included in the Deluxe Scenario Booklet.

To date there are 4 different videos, check them all out!

🇳🇱 Introduction for the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Our most beautiful Jarige made an Introduction Video in Dutch! 


All the best and take care!

Víctor and Eivind @Aegir Games.

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